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You either received an Affidavit and notice of revocation from a law enforcement officer in person or by mail; or received a printed computer notice from the Colorado Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division and you need to know what to do in YOUR BEST INTEREST. 


Colorado motor vehicle operator’s revocation of an operator's license is a more serious state action than a suspension of that license. 


Under a suspension of your operator's license, you have a constitutionally interpreted right to a continuation of your lawful operation of a motor vehicle for work, health, and education for you and your immediate family members (children, spouse), and court imposed sanctions for you. 


A revocation of your driving privilege either as a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) or for a alcohol or drug driving charge you always have a right to a hearing. The hearing may be a simple determination as to whether or not it was you who has been convicted or charged with one or more traffic offenses or misdemeanors. Or maybe a hearing wherein the state has to produce 1) evidence of probable cause for lawful law enforcement officer contact with you, 2) reasonable suspicion of alcohol or drug and 3) either a) a chemical analysis of your blood or breath performed within two hours of your last driving or b) a refusal to have consented to such a chemical analysis at any time after known operation of a motor vehicle by you by the requesting law enforcement officer. 


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This is general information and is not intended to be relied upon without the consultation of this office. 

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